About Us

We at Icarus are dedicated to producing film of a superb quality. We handle each aspect of your production from concept to delivery. Our team of talented creative professionals are there to guide you throughout. We aim to promote production in India, through funding production and development of screen content, industry placements, filming incentives, location assistance, industry events, partnership activities and other support.

Why us

Icarus has an outstanding track record and from the outset, we are dedicated and committed to quality film making.

This commitment extends not only to providing high-quality work for film and television production staff throughout the production and post production cycle, but also to mentoring and training our staff.

Business Heads

Production & Media

(movie production, web series, music video, TV productions, Ad Budgets, post production (vfx, Animation, video editing)

Icarus has its hands full in the media sector. We like to believe, media is one of our biggest & strongest areas of expertise! Icarus has its hands full in the media sector.

Tour & Travel

India is probably the only country in the world where no two locations look alike. Every house, every street, every shop, every park is different. We aren’t talking about the monuments yet, or nature for that matter. Such is the diversity of this country that even the most travelled local cannot guarantee that he knows it all.